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CALL’s project Tre Cwm Celf is now called The Wall Is _____, a collaboration between the residents of Tre Cwm housing estate and artist-in-residence Kristin Luke. They are developing an artwork for the main boundary wall of the estate, with a focus on the process and experiences which accumulate around the project as it unfolds, and how these affect the overall wellbeing of the community.

Luke’s approach to the project is to treat the estate as an area of cultural significance. The wall will be a site that reflects the identity of the estate, whether historical, contemporary, future, lived or imagined. Passersby can discover fascinating, once-hidden stories, and will be able to access a digital platform from the wall itself, which will expand on the project as a whole. The wall will therefore no longer be a barrier, but rather a catalyst for physically and digitally connecting the community.

The first phase of the project was announced with a series of events in Luke’s van, a mobile project space. It housed an exhibition of the estate’s history, visual brainstorming activities, and ‘Object Shares’ – sessions for residents to share, and make 3D models of, what makes up the identity, values and material culture of Tre Cwm. These events opened up dialogue about the past, present and future of the estate by imagining alternate narratives, informed by augmented reality, historical documents, and the residents’ own skills and interests. These first events informed the subsequent stages of the project.

The project also includes a voluntary Wall Team, which residents can join to help make decisions, take leadership over specific aspects, learn new practical and professional skills, and help guide the project’s direction. As members of the Wall Team, residents can also seek support in taking the next steps to further incorporate these skills into their longer-term life and career choices.

Get involved
If you live on the Tre Cwm estate in Llandudno, it’s still not too late to get involved. Follow Trecwm on social media for the latest information of what’s going on, where and when.

Follow the Project
Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Youtube: Trecwm

Kristin Luke

Kristin Luke bio
Born in Los Angeles and having lived in London for the past 12 years, Luke moved to Snowdonia in 2017. She works in a range of disciplines – sculpture, digital design, film, and writing – and engages with the themes of radical pedagogy, mobility, and utopias. Luke’s approach is to create an environment of sensitivity, openness to local knowledges, and of non-hierarchical learning. She assumes the role of a proponent for the self-identified needs, unique skills, crafts, culture and traditions of the specific communities with whom she works. She also strongly believes in the importance of building long term relationships in her role as an artist.

The range of different sectors her work spans continues to grow, and she has been involved in projects not only in galleries, but in schools, community centres, council estates, town halls, and ex-shops. She has also converted a van into a mobile library and project space which travels around the UK, making subjugated forms of knowledge visible and accessible to a more diverse public.

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