PhotoMarathon Winners 2017

Congratulations to the 75 photographers who entered Photomarathon Llandudno in June, the judges enjoyed looking at the 600 images from the day.
The winners were announced on Friday 15 September 2017 at the exhibition launch, at 10 Vaughan Street, Llandudno. The exhibition will run over the course of the LLawn Arts Festival from 15 to 17 September 2017.

Photomarathon Winners, 8 images, Macro for over 18’s

1st Entry No:43 Matt Sydall
2nd Entry No: 21 Barry Everleigh
3rd Entry No: 127 Stephen Brady

Photomarathon Winners, 8 images, Micro for 3 to 18 year olds

1st Entry No: 42 Alice Swatridge
2nd Entry No: 96 Ellie Turner-Lloyd
3rd Entry No: 7 River Armitage

Photomarathon Winners, 4 images, Micro for 3 to 18 year olds
There were only four entries in this category. The judges decided to make them joint winners and awarded them with the same prize.
Listed in order of entry number.

Joint winner Entry No: 18 Josh Robertson
Joint winner Entry No: 80 Michael Kotlarek
Joint winner Entry No: 7 Corso Cramerotti
Joint winner Entry No: 126 Elowen Lewis

Topics Winners

Your number Entry No: 87 Jessica Cripps
Yellow Entry No: 44 Carla Gilliatt
I see a Creature Entry No: 127 Stephen Brady
Connections Entry No: 15 Sarah Horrocks – Joint winner
Connections Entry No: 53 Gregor Hackett – Joint winner
Sanctuary Entry No: 21 Barry Eveleigh
Old Entry No: 54 Eifion Williams – Joint winner
Old Entry No: 85 Neil Johansson – Joint winner
Common Ground Entry No:43 Matt Sydall
One and Only Entry No: 23 Sam Maher – Joint winner
One and Only Entry No: 55 Lyndsey Hackett – Joint winner

The entrants had 8 hours. They were given 8 topics and had to submit 8 images. All the Digital images were submitted straight from the devices storage card, no edited or Photoshopped images were allowed.

All the winning images can be seen on the Photomarathon gallery 2017 page photomarathon-gallery

PhotoMarathon Judging

A huge thank you to all the participants who came along to PhotoMarathon and took over 600 photos between them! It was a fantastic day, in glorious Llandudno sunshine.

We have been working behind the scenes towards the next exciting steps of this project and are putting together an exhibition of every single photo taken that day. Judging will take place at the beginning of September. We will be announcing the winners at the opening the exhibition on Friday the 15th September from 6pm-8pm at 10 Vaughan Street, Llandudno.

The exhibition will run over the course of the LLawn Arts Festival from the 15th,16th and 17th September


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s to download here Frequently-Asked-Questions_Photomarathon-Llandudno

What is a Photomarathon?
8 hours | 8 topics |8 images

Photomarathon is a photographic competition with a twist.  Participants are issued with a registration card and 8 topics to photograph within 8 hours. The challenge is to find an image that suits each of the topics on the list and to shoot the 8 images in consecutive order.  The topics relate to the theme of the Photomarathon, it is suggested that competitors use the overriding theme of the event to inform their chosen images.

How does a Photomarathon work?
Participants register to take part in the marathon. At the check in point at the beginning of the marathon participants are given the first four topics, that they need to find between 10am-2pm. They then return to the hub to get the next set of 4 topics and take the next set of four photos. They go to the final meeting between 4-6pm with their completed 8 photographs, to clock out and hand over their images, which are then downloaded by the organisers. The images must be shot in the correct order and in JPG format. No edited or Photoshopped images will be accepted.

Will the photos be exhibited after the Photomarathon?
Yes , all photos will be exhibited in the Photomarathon Exhibition in September 2017 as part of the Llandudno Arts Festival.

How do I register?
Registration for Photomarathon Llandudno has been set up on:

Please register online if at all possible. It’s very easy!  On the day, you will be given an entry card , with a Photomarathon  entry number, which we’ll stamp to confirm you have had your first 4 topics.

How much does it cost to participate?
The Fee for participation is £5.00
This fee will be used towards the printing of photographs for the exhibition.

How do I pay?
The Deadline for registration is 16 June 2017 at 12am. If you miss the deadline you can register on the day, but be prepared for your ‘check-in’ to take a bit longer if you do this.

What is the deadline for registration?
The Deadline for registration is 16 June 2017 at 12am. If you miss the deadline you can register on the day, but be prepared for your “check-in” to take a bit longer if you do this.

Conditions for participation: Do’s and Don’ts
Are you allowed to edit your images?
NO, editing or adding of filters is allowed after the picture has been taken. Photoshopped or Edited images will lead to disqualification.

May I use internal camera effects when I take photos, or is this photo processing?
You can use the internal camera effects that are on your camera or smartphone before you take the photos.

Do I need a particular kind of camera?
A digital camera or smartphone are required to take part. This Photomarathon is not set up for analogue photography.

Can I also take photos using regular film?
Photomarathon Llandudno is a digital event so only digital images in JPG format are accepted. You are welcome to take analogue images with your camera while taking part in the Photomarathon, but they will not be accepted as entries at the final check in or be able to be part of the exhibition.

Is there a preferred format for the photos?
The photos should be taken using JPG, high quality format. We recommend using landscape (horizontal) oriented photos.  The exhibition of all photos taken during the Photomarathon, will display all the final photos in landscape.

Is there a minimum age to participate?
We have two categories for participants:
Photomarathon – Macro
This is open to all adults over the age of 18.
Photomarathon – Micro
Any child over the age of 3-18 can participate. All under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Ages 16- 18 must have a signed authorisation from their parents or guardians.

On the Day
Why must the first image be of my Photomarathon entry number ?
The first image must incorporate your Photomarathon entry  number. This enables us to identify the images and allocate them to the correct participant. This is critical to the processing of the images, judging and the final exhibition.  Any final 8 images without the number included in the first photo will not be accepted at check out and will lead to disqualification.

What should I bring to participate?
Most importantly make sure to bring your camera or smartphone and that the memory cards are empty and batteries charged and ready to go.

How long does Photomarathon Llandudno last?
The Photomarathon will take 8 Hours on the 17th June 2017. We have a shorter option of 4 hrs for children. The Marathon will start at 10am and finish with a check out at 6pm (10am-2pm-under 12’s) the hub will be open from 9.30 for registration. We suggest you get there in good time to make sure you are checked in and ready for 10am.  You can hand your completed 8 images back from 4pm.The last check out will be at 6pm, expect a queue at this time so make sure you arrive in good time, you can expect a queue nearer to 6pm so bare this in mind when planning your day. At checkout we will download all your images, stamp and sign off your Photomarathon entry card. Once you have checked out and all the images have been approved, they will be entered into the competition and later hung at the exhibition.

What happens at the starting point?
We will check your memory card on your cameras and set your smartphones up ready for the marathon. Make sure all your date settings are correct on your cameras and phones as only photos taken on the 17th June 2017 will be accepted. Your Photomarathon Entry card will be stamped and Entrants are handed their first 4 topics. Children are given all their topics at registration and can check out anytime after 1pm.

Can I bring helpers and supporters?
Yes, you can bring helpers and supporters to support and inspire you. The Photomarathon however is an individual competition so there are no team entries or prizes.

Who owns the rights to my images?
All photos, taken by the any participant during Photomarathon Llandudno 2017 shall belong to the Artist absolutely. CALL (CIC) and LLawn, as Events organisers and promoters retain the right to use any photos entered into the event for the promotion of future events.

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