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The Haus History

The identity of HAUS has always been one of exploration and experimentation within the creative sphere. Formerly known as Tedder House, its identity has been shaped by the  Haus of Helfa  project between 2012 to 2015 and the Freehaus Art School during  2016.

In 2017 the space was  turned into artists’ studios,with CALL acquiring a lease from the landlords, Mostyn Estates Ltd , which will see the space continue to develop its potential beyond the lifetime of the Ideas: People: places project.

The Haus Studio project

The Haus Studio project provides 11 studio spaces at 26 Augusta Street LLandudno for a diverse range of practitioners including visual fine artists, photographers, illustrators,ceramists, writers and much more.

It seeks to foster a collaborative and participatory experience creating a vibrant and creative community. The  HAUS  studio project is a creative hub for  networking, exhibition and  the development of practice and peer-led mentorship for artists. Having the building, enables  the tenants to work together and form a artist-led space. We aim to create the framework for a world of ideas and inspiration which will help contribute to the  growth of  a vibrant Llandudno arts scene.

In order to create a thriving and supportive  artist community, we actively seek to take on artists’ who are like minded, sharing our commitment to the growth and development of the Llandudno arts scene, are prepared to use their studios on a regular basis and willing to contribute fairly and engage with the development of their studio and the project as a whole.We seek to work in  partnership with other artist led spaces,  galleries and art colleges to create artist-led  programmes that meet the needs of  local and regional artists to give them a platform to develop ideas  to further their practice.

In 2018 the studio tenants were asked to propose creative projects for the ground floor/first floor space of the building. is the first instalment of 3 projects.

Initiated by Llandudno based artist Alana Tyson,, will explore the many facets of motherhood. Tyson found becoming a mother a completely life altering experience, her practice irrevocably changed, she finds herself questioning can you be a mother and an artist? Choosing to believe the answer is yes, Tyson has also come to the conclusion that for her the two are symbiotic, she is both at all times.

Tyson has invited several other North Wales based mother-artists to participate in a mini residency, culminating in a group exhibition and site specific works. Alongside the resultant installations will be several workshops with local mothers in which they can unleash their creativity and explore their own status as mothers.


Artist Pea Restall is developing a large scale participatory ceramic installation Clai-Pobl-Dawnsio at HAUS throughout the month of May. She will be working with the community to make a multitude of clay figures, inspired by the “Strong Women” in our lives.

This is drawn from Pea’s formative relationship with her Nana: Mary

“My Nana had 9 children, so 11 of them lived in a 3 bed semi, council house.

She was a dinner lady and was always working and cooking. I remember teatime in several sittings at their house. We sat around a Formica table under a pulley of washing, with Tupperware cups of sweet tea, whilst Nana served up and plates of egg and chips wearing a nylon housecoat, and there was laughter and bustle, and people everywhere.

The BIG INFLUENCE was that she always made things fun- She loved to dance (and died on a dancing holiday!), she sat in the sun, she played games with us; betting with matchsticks on the dogs on telly, and she laughed a lot! She always made the best of things, and looked on life with a very proactive positivity.”

Pea will be running Clai-Pobl-Dawnsio workshops in schools, as well as running a drop-in workshop for all ages making dancing clay figures, and a masterclass on the figure and movement.

Most of the finished pieces will be distributed around town in miniature installations and will be free for visitors and the local community to take home. (Participants of workshops will make a range of pieces, some can be collected to take home themselves, and we would be delighted to incorporate the others into the removal installations for others to receive).

The Haus Studios

Interested in being a part of this?

Studios are available to let starting from £44 p/m.We also have a first floor project space  and  ground floor space suitable for workshops , which can be hired on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for the development of work.

For more information email

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