Haus of Helfa

Haus of Helfa, based at 26 Augusta Street, 18 September 2015.

Haus of Helfa at 26 Augusta Street was ‘Tedder House’, home of the Royal Air Force Association’s ‘RAFA Club’ for many years. The Haus of Helfa is part of Call (Culture Action Llandudno), a Social Enterprise, which is an innovative partnership between Mostyn Estates and Helfa Gelf Cyf.

“This is my third year at Haus of Helfa and my work has been influenced by the location, the building and the other artists around me. I have a large space on the first floor that provides drama and a performance at the weekend. This is the room used by the RAFA Club where bingo was played and this is the basis of my performance,” says Alan Whitfield, artist in digital media, film, installation, performance art and photography.

“Applying for the Haus of Helfa residency this year has given me a deadline, which I use as a catalyst to create new work. The project has allowed me to revisit a student project and look back at old photographs of my Nain and her house. This has pushed me to explore materials and given me the time to think about themes over the course of the residency,” says Rebecca F. Hardy, artist in digital media, drawing, film, installation, mixed media, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

Haus of Helfa contains twelve artists and a resident writer, Remy Dean, based in the ‘Writer’s Bar’. On the left as you enter Haus of Helfa, the ‘Writer’s Bar’ contains a bar counter, tables and chairs that have been reclaimed from the nearby derelict Tudno Castle Hotel.

“When I began my residency at Haus of Helfa, I thought I would be using old floorboards to construct my installation. But I have been influenced by the building and am now using plasterboard; my constructions appear to be a structural part of the building. The residency title ‘Reveal and re:verb’ has allowed me to play with the idea of minimal art and poetry, but using it in a playful manner. I deal with big subjects: life, death and ideology with humour,” says Neil Coombs, artist in digital media, film, installation, photography and books.

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