Haus History

The identity of HAUS has always been one of exploration and experimentation within the creative sphere. Formerly known as Tedder House, its identity has been shaped by the  Haus of Helfa  project between 2012 to 2015 and the Freehaus Art School during  2016.

In 2017 the space was  turned into artists’ studios,with CALL acquiring a lease from the landlords, Mostyn Estates Ltd , which will see the space continue to develop its potential beyond the lifetime of the Ideas: People: places project.

The Haus Studio project

The Haus Studio project provides 11 studio spaces at 26 Augusta Street LLandudno for a diverse range of practitioners including visual fine artists, photographers, illustrators,ceramists, writers and much more.

It seeks to foster a collaborative and participatory experience creating a vibrant and creative community. The  HAUS  studio project is a creative hub for  networking, exhibition and  the development of practice and peer-led mentorship for artists. Having the building, enables  the tenants to work together and form a artist-led space. We aim to create the framework for a world of ideas and inspiration which will help contribute to the  growth of  a vibrant Llandudno arts scene.

In order to create a thriving and supportive  artist community, we actively seek to take on artists’ who are like minded, sharing our commitment to the growth and development of the Llandudno arts scene, are prepared to use their studios on a regular basis and willing to contribute fairly and engage with the development of their studio and the project as a whole.We seek to work in  partnership with other artist led spaces,  galleries and art colleges to create artist-led  programmes that meet the needs of  local and regional artists to give them a platform to develop ideas  to further their practice.

The Haus Studios

Interested in being a part of this?

Studios are available to let starting from £44 p/m.We also have a first floor project space  and  ground floor space suitable for workshops , which can be hired on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for the development of work.

For more information email

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The Museum of Lost and Abandoned Ideas

Trish Bermingham
4th June – 28th June
@HAUS First Floor

During the month of June, HAUS studio tenant and artist Trish Bermingham will be working with Liverpool based artist Clare Brumby on a practice development project, ‘The Museum of Lost and Abandoned Ideas.’

Trish explains that the museum came about because “I have the beginnings of so many projects in my studio and I notice the same ideas being repeatedly jotted down and then forgotten, sometimes for years at a time. Looking through old notebooks, I find that I have had the same ideas over and over like some kind of Groundhog Day of inspiration, so I decided to build a museum dedicated to these lost and abandoned ideas.”

By examining repeated patterns, themes and picking up these lost threads, Trish will reimagine the narratives of her identity through a large scale installation and performance.

To coincide with the installation, she will be inviting audiences to a performance piece, ‘Sit with Me,’ taking place on her studio sofa. The two-seater sofa has at times been both a refuge and a discomfort zone for Trish and will be the setting for audiences of one. Part confessional, part observational, what transpires may be surprising, playful or challenging but an opportunity to be part of the creative process.

A performance needs an audience, so the audience-participant as ‘co-experiencer’ is a vital part of Trish’s process of uncovering and making the work visible. Participants may be gently invited to join in with some actions such as cutting, folding or even singing. Whatever they engage with will be a choice, just as simply watching and listening will be.

Friday 15th June
Installation open for public viewing and meet the artists Trish and Clare in the installation space 2pm – 4pm

Saturday 16th June
‘Sit with me’ Thirty minute sessions to sit within the installation and contribute to the process with Trish and Clare.

Thursday 28th June  6pm – 8pm

Join Trish and Clare at HAUS for an artist led talk and conversation about the project The Musuem Of Lost and Abandoned Ideas.

Please see our events page to take part or email for more information


This post is also available in: Welsh

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