Freehaus Art School

Formerly Haus of Helfa

26 Augusta Street , Llandudno, LL30 2AE

Freehaus Free Art School is a unique new project in Wales that promotes creative expression and believes that “everyone can be an artist.” Debbie Sharp and Emrys Williams are our lead artists for this project.

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Freehaus is open to everyone, there are no entry requirements or fees; enrolment is on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. You will get to do new things and have new experiences, making things with experienced artists and developing your skills and your intuition. The focus is on both enjoyment, accessibility and authentic art experience. There are no written tests or exams!

Freehaus is open to beginners, amateurs and hobbyists and practising artists. You might have always wanted to make art but never really had the right opportunity, you might be making your own work but want new experiences and insights. You might be a sixth former studying art or somebody who wants to apply for a degree course and needs help with their work. It may be that you are retired and want to explore something new in an exciting environment. With large studio spaces in central Llandudno, Freehaus is as place for you to grow and develop.

The school is a stimulating, relaxed community with artists involved in their own work and helping others. The school is open to all art school approaches, to specialisms from Fine Art, design areas and performance.

We believe that anybody can work with materials and ideas in an art school environment facilitated by practising artists. You will use your imagination and intelligence in new contexts and shed inhibitions!

The school has a variety of learning experiences with different modes of learning from short projects in the building and in Llandudno to longer periods in the studio, with individual and group work  sensitive to individual needs and interests.

Contact us or come and talk to us and we will get you signed up! You can also go to the “CONTACT” tab and send us a message to sign up.

The full programme of activities will be available to download here shortly.

FreeHaus Fellows
and FreeHaus Associates

As part of our Launch year we are signing up six FreeHaus Fellows as well as three FreeHaus Associates to support to initial development of our dynamic artist community. “Fellows” and Associates will be an important part of this project,  adding to the art school in different ways; as workshop facilitators, in various support roles depending upon individual skills and as working artists within the building from  June to October 2016. In addition  both Fellows and Associates will show in the large exhibition which will coincide with the Llawn04 arts festival at the end of September. “FreeHaus Llandada” will be celebrating the centenary of Dadaism in different forms and they will be invited to respond to this in a broad sense, as a movement that advocated experimentation and dynamic new ways of making and connecting materials, ideas and activities.

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