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Thomas Evans says: “The building in which the Freehaus is being held is a wonderful space brimming with potential. Too many places lie unused and forgotten and yet can be brought to life like this building has.


In previous years this space was used as Haus of Helfa during the Helfa Gelf Art Trail, this year Freehaus has become a home to ten artists, each with their own specialties. It is really interesting to see a wide range of workshops available to the public in a wide range of different media. 



The space is intriguing, it is disused and full of potential. I love this and the notion of using lost spaces. We lose a lot of history and knowledge with the destruction of older buildings and using this building as an arts Hub is keeping that history alive.


I have assisted Nadine Carter-Smith, Artist and Freehaus Fellow with her workshops at FreeHaus and I have participated in a workshop with Alan Whitfield, Artist and Freehaus Fellow with his work on ‘Mass Observation’. The workshops have been inviting and are suitable for any skill level. The Art School has brought art to the community and shared the artistic process. I have loved it all.  



It’s great to see many people of varying ages taking part in the workshops. The Freehaus Art School is a bright beacon in the community. It allows creative freedom and allows so many artists to work with the general public. It should be available nationwide.”

Thomas Evans is a Photographer and Artist studying for a BA in photography at the university of Portsmouth, We would like to thank him for this contribution to the website, for supporting Nadine and taking great images of our Workshops.

This post is also available in: Welsh

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