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To launch the ‘FreeHaus Art School’ this summer, the first ‘taster’ art sessions start on Saturday 9th and 16th July at 26 Augusta Street, Llandudno. Two artists, Patrick Joseph and Nadine Carter-Smith, will be running hat making workshops for all ages. The ‘Freehaus Art School’ is a unique new project in Wales that promotes creative expression and believes that ‘everyone can be an artist’.

Sabine Cockrill, Director at Culture Action Llandudno (CALL CIC), says:
“The ‘FreeHaus Art School’ is open to anyone in the community who wants to join in. We welcome absolute beginners, amateurs and hobbyists, and working artists. We will be running a variety of FREE art courses every Thursday, Friday and Saturday this summer. FreeHaus is based in the former RAF Association (RAFA) Tedder House building, which has been empty for many years. CALL CIC has been established to explore the regeneration of Llandudno’s forgotten buildings or ‘Lost Spaces’ through our projects.”

Saturday Open Doors Events:
Saturday 9 and 16 July,
DADAHAT free workshop for participants aged 18+, 11am-4pm with Patrick Joseph, Artisan Tailor
DADAHAT free workshop for children aged 5+, 11-1pm, 2-,4pm  with artist Nadine Carter-Smith
DADAHAT Photoshoot on the Promenade at 5pm, 16th July for all
DADAHAT Cocktails and Cabaret from 6pm, 16th July for over 18s

Emrys Williams, Lead Artist at Freehaus, says:
“This year is the 100 years celebration of Dada, an Avant-garde art movement that arose as a reaction to the destruction of World War I. Dada rejected reason and logic, loving nonsense, craziness and intuition. We think it is the perfect inspiration to use to make a hat at Freehaus,”

The ‘Freehaus Art School’ is encouraging all interested participants to enrol for the summer. Involvement in the project is based on a first come, first served basis. The art school launches on 21 July 2016. This project has been made possible by the collaborative initiative and financial support of the Arts Council Wales Ideas: People: Places grant and Mostyn Estates Ltd.

“Everyone is welcome to join a workshop this weekend and learn about materials and hat making. To enroll in the art school or to  book a place on the hat making workshops please email or go to our Signup Page.

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