Visioning ( Architectural installation )

5th -26th September

(proto) elips, SoundLAB – Jenny Hall at TABLAB

This last  residency will explore a temporary intervention / installation that draws on The Tabernacle’s main chapel architecture – its auditorium. This is a vast space, so  we will invite someone to create a response with high visual impact via simple means that helps envision spatial possibilities. The buildings permanent future function may be limited due to its distinctive structure in terms of preservation, so how to engage with this fact? “Chapel” has had a significant role in the development of Welsh society and culture in particular this Tabernacle with its historic link to Lewis Valentine. It is also architecturally unique with its ‘wings’ in the upper gallery and these characteristic traits will inform the nature of the temporary intervention which subsequently could then influence prospective dimensional potentiality.

Artist Jenny is installing a large scale musical instrument within the historic Tabernacle Chapel, Llandudno. Construction begins this week with scaffolders, carpenters, artist and musicians realising the project. Ahead of the opening next week, where visitors will be invited to play and test the instrument for themselves.

Collaborations between the artist, invited sound artists and musicians will be performed at the ‘SoundLAB Exploration’ event on Saturday 17 September at 2pm and at 4pm. On Sunday 18 September, Jenny Hall is ‘in conversation’ with TABLAB Curator Marc Rees and she will be running a workshop; ‘Drawing the Sound’ where visitors can draw their own songs, and then have a go at playing back the drawing on the instrument. The final event held during Llawn04, the Llandudno Art Weekend, will feature performances and ‘hands-on sessions’ for the public.

Final event- 24, 25

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Sarah Younan cleaning the chapel LABTAB26, Augusta Street, Tedder House exterior, RAFA opening ceremony, photographic credit, John Lawson – Raey

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