The Source ( Live Art / Film )

13th June-July 3rd

We have invited  artist  Sarah Younan to respond to a particular aspect of The Tabernacle’s history and architecture, that of the unfolding pulpit that holds the baptistery, the sunken receptacle used for baptism by total immersion.

Once open, hand painted words on its doors are revealed:

Un Bedydd, Un Ffydd, Un Duw” /
“One Baptism, One Faith, One God “.

During  the residency at Tabernacle chapel  Sarah will be using soap and wax  to clean the chapel and restore wood furnishings. The soap and wax will be produced with participants . The restoration of the chapel will be undertaken as an act of ritual cleansing. Soap and wax materials will also be used to create sculptural forms, which will be installed in the chapel. The act of cleansing the chapel will be undertaken as a form of ritual; Baptism is a form of ritual cleansing and rebirth, it is a liminal ritual of transition and so is cleaning and restoration. Cleaning implements, leftover soap and wax will be presented in the chapel like religious relics.Sarah will create a performance and filminc response based on this notion which will be part of the final event and social gathering.

This post is also available in: Welsh

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