This disused Welsh Baptist chapel is one of the “Lost Spaces” we are seeking to activate. We have appointed Marc Rees as lead artist for the space in 2016 to explore its potential . We are looking to test out the space, to experiment so that this iconic building  can have a say in its own future. We want to explore the uniqueness of the building historically and architecturally, encourage experimentation and new approaches to cultural interaction. The excavation of ideas is the very foundation of our approach .

It is a reputed Baptist Chapel so in honour of its original purpose we are testing  the water –Taking the plunge – This applies not only to the artists who we are working with, who will be encouraged to take risks but also those that cross the threshold, the curious viewer seeking new cultural experiences – once this framework is established, tried and tested TABERNACL(E)  then builds a reputation and a profile as a safe space to try out ideas , the (E) represents Experiment, Exploration and Experience  – Tabernacle in Latin means sanctuary, in Hebrew it also means dwelling place which is the perfect context for our proposed site responsive residencies.

We have initiated this venture by working with three interdisciplinary artists, who are responding to The Tabernacle Chapel, its history, contents and architecture ,which will assist in guiding and shaping its future.

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