Shape My Town

Llandudno: in the future

Who are we?

CALL is a social enterprise that looks at how culture and heritage can be an intrinsic part of a town’s regeneration and vision for the future. We want to get the community involved in this process and to have their say in shaping their town, adopting a truly collaborative approach to place-making.

How do we do this?

We would like to take a closer look at Llandudno and what makes it work. What makes Llandudno distinctive and how can this be preserved and developed to give the town a dynamic and prosperous future?  How can we ensure that culture and heritage play a pivotal part in this process?

We are looking at all aspects of what makes a place: It’s heritage and architecture, it’s streets, parks and countryside, it’s economy, it’s people and their stories.

We are commissioning a series of artists to develop residencies around these themes within the town. They will be working with us over the course of the next 9 months, investigating the town, talking to our communities and working with them to develop a picture of the past, the “here and now” and what the future could hold.

Shape My Town

How can you get involved?

Each of the residencies will be participatory in different ways. Are you a local artist or resident, visitor? For information on how to get involved with this debate, email info@cultureactionllandudno, join our mailing list sign-up , come along to any of our events, interactions or sessions or call us on 01492871502 for further information.

What happens to this information we collate?

We want to show that culture and heritage aren’t the icing on the cake, but an intrinsic part of any town. We want to show what a crucial part artists and cultural practitioners can play, in terms of stimulating , activating and developing an area . All the information we gather will be collated into a study at the end of our project, which will be published in July 2018.

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