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Lindsey Colbourne

‘From here to here’
People’s Map of Llandudno

Between mid-September and mid-October 2017, Lindsey Colbourne will be making a people’s map of Llandudno by collaboratively exploring day-to-day experiences of Llandudno on foot, by wheelchair, scooter or with prams within Llandudno. She hopes to set routes and to travel together ‘From here to here’, studying along the way the ‘effects of the geographical environment, consciously organised or not, on the emotions and behaviour of individuals’.

Lindsey will be looking for the layered symbolism, stories and opportunities, that draw together the past, present and future. She’s interested in drawing out some of the hidden forces, assumptions and processes that are shaping our town and hopes to create some kind of interactive mapping of Llandudno based on experiences of these everyday routes, marking and re-naming along the way.

Do you have routes, concerns, experiences, stories, ideas or places you’d like to put on the map?

She’d love to hear from you and invites you to:

Come to our opening event, ‘Finding the Centre’ at 2pm, Saturday 23rd September. It all starts here! A kind of treasure hunt with a difference, suitable for all ages. What, who, where, when would you say is the heart of Llandudno? Come along and get your ‘centre-orientation’ before heading off on your own personal quest alone or in groups to find what is personally for you, the epi-centre of the town. Come back with your findings, bring back photos, sounds, film, rubbings, objects or writing to add to the People’s Map: There’ll be tea and cake and all centres found will result in prizes!

Take her on a journey – whether 10 minutes or 2 hours or more.
Maybe it’s your route to work or school, a favourite walk with the dog or pushchair, a route that takes in your favourite places or things you’d like to change.
Get in touch with Lindsey and we’ll arrange a time.
A calendar of journeys will be published here:

Send in your routes, that Lindsey and others can follow.
These could be in the form of maps or directions, images, sound, text or film. Perhaps an unfolding story, or clues to piece together, or a route full of re-named places.
For details see

Other ways to be involved will evolve during the residency.

Get in touch with Lindsey on 07850 945511
or by email:

About Lindsey
Lindsey’s practice is based on collaborative and participative explorations that activate spaces of encounter around a ‘site’, often involving a multi-sensory investigation of movement of people, experience and material within and through a site over time. Before becoming a full-time artist,
Lindsey spent 20 years as a professional facilitator, and she now uses these skills within her artistic practice.


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