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Lauren Maccabee

Hidden Hospitality

The hidden stories behind the people who welcome you to Llandudno.

Hidden Hospitality is the opportunity to showcase the hard-working B&B/Guesthouse owners in Llandudno. To get to know the people behind the welcoming smiles and reveal stories from the industry and memories from the town.

What is their favourite room in their B& B and why?
How did they end up running a hotel/ B&B in Llandudno?
How do they see the future of Llandudno? What part can hospitality play in development of the town?

London based photographer Lauren Maccabee will be photographing Glascoed Guest House, Adcote House, The Oasis B&B, Bryn Derwen B&B and Mulberry House. The photography will be exhibited during LLAWN05 September 15th, 16th and 17th in their famous bathing machine accompanied with audio recordings of their tales by Alan Whitfield, North Wales based photographer and video artist and poet.

Lauren Maccabee, Winner of the Tom Buckeridge Photography Award and graduated in 2015 with a First Class BA (Hons) Photography from The University of Brighton. For the past two years she has worked for photographer Martin Parr as his studio assistant as well as exhibiting her work in galleries and photography festivals in Britain and across the world. Selected features include Creative Review, Intern Magazine, Oh Comely Magazine.

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