As part of a larger regeneration programme Cartrefi Conwy are carrying out at Tre Cwm estate, CALL has developed a project with internationally renowned Artist Owen Griffiths and Creative Producer Isabel Griffin.

Their project, FFACTRI will seek to build an active social relationship with the residents, and give them the power to influence the spaces around them. Scheduling sessions tailored to suit the participant’s timetables and commitments, such as work and school, they are interested in empowering and encouraging people to have a positive new relationship to their environment. The activities will help engage residents and staff in the process of creating a space together with the artists.

Owen and Isabel will be showing participants and residents the basics of how to design a space, through drawing and model making and eventually leading to the creation of a communal space designed by those who will use it. They will host events to bring the community together, and workshops which will allow them to build key relationships with residents.

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