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Alexandra Parry

Material Conversations

A soft architectural environment will be built over the residency period, providing a sensory space for members of the community to talk and reflect on important issues that affect their lives in Llandudno. Alex will create the space with fabric appliqued with text gleamed from overheard conversations, local newspapers, and online forums.

Throughout the month the text and conversation will grow into the fabric of the space, mapping out people’s experiences and thoughts. It will form a visual dialogue that investigates Llandudno’s present, to both provoke new conversations, and expose current issues. The project works from the basis that the personal is political, which is why Alex believes that one person’s experiences will have resonance for others.

The residency space will be open throughout the period of her stay and will be accessible to the public 5 days a week. Alex will also host specific workshops in the residency period for people to explore certain aspects in more detail.

Alex is an artist with a background in social anthropology. She is interested in working in the intersections of art, research, and current social issues. She has extensive experience of working with different communities to explore pertinent social issues.

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