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Ailie Rutherford


As lead artist in residence for Shape My Town, Llandudno Ailie Rutherford will be augmenting the narratives uncovered by previous artists in residence to look at Llandudno Below the Surface. Her work will draw on the feminist economic practices of JK Gibson-Graham and their metaphor of “the economy as an iceberg”.

Ailie will be spending time in Llandudno between November 2017 and June 2018 to develop this project, the community dialogue and to support CALL with looking at the subsequent findings of all our residencies and interventions.

Follow Ailie’s progress via this blog

Llandudno as a new Centre for Creative Activism

As part of this work Ailie is looking for participants to become part of a new and exciting Creative Activism group.

We would like to invite people from all walks of life to take part in an initial conversation about creative activism bringing together artists, creative thinkers and local activists to look at how we can work together.

What we hope to do:

  • Find new ways to combine the skills of artists, activists, communities and individuals to instigate the changes we want to happen in our towns, communities, cities, cultures; at local, national and global level
  • Create new links or strengthen connections between activism and creative practices
  • Re-imagine Llandudno as a centre for creative activism in North Wales


What is creative activism?

Creative activism is about using innovative and creative methods to instigate social and environmental change.

It is often activism that doesn’t look like activism, and art that doesn’t look like art, popping up in unlikely places (e.g. not a gallery) or take on unfamiliar forms (e.g. not a protest march)

Creative activism creates an opportunity to bypass seemingly fixed political ideas and moral ideals and remap cognitive patterns. Surprise is a moment when hearts can be touched and minds reached, and both changed. Paraphrased from

The first meeting was held in January with a mixture of local activists, creatives and members from the community.

The second meeting will be held in February, dates, times and locations tbc.  

To book a place please go to the events tab/ follow link


Ailie Rutherford is a visual artist. Her collaborative practice is grounded in the places she works; inviting people to become co-producers of works that activate local public space and collectively imagine alternatives to the way we live now. Her recent work The People’s Bank of Govanhill, Glasgow looks at alternative economies and community currency, considering the diversity and richness of the local community as a form of wealth.

(photograph by Alan Whitfield)


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