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Lizze Hughes


Lizzie Hughes will be spending her time in Llandudno discovering the creative skills that are hidden in the town. She wants to seek out people who enjoy using their hands to make things, find out how they learnt their craft and discover what it is that drives them to create. During the residency Lizzie wants to develop an extensive understanding of the creative landscape of the town. She wants to talk to people who are makers irrespective of whether they regard their skills as a pastime or hobby, a way of life or a profession.

In a study made by the Heritage Crafts Association earlier this year, sixty two crafts were recognised as endangered or critically endangered but it was acknowledged that the true extent of craft skills practiced in the UK are hard to gauge because so many stay hidden behind closed doors. During the residency people in the community who knit, decorate cakes, make model steam engines, know how to turn a bowl or perhaps hold the keys to a craft on the brink of extinction will all be celebrated.

CALLOUT – Crefftwerk

Lizzie would like to create a Creative Map of the town. She will be developing a list of people and community groups she’d like to talk, can you help?

It would really help to make the project a success the more people get involved. If you have something you enjoy making and can spare ten minutes of your time for a quick one to one chat about what you make, why you make it and how you learnt your skill do please get in touch. It doesn’t matter whether you make models from kits, spin your own wool, or build boats from scratch, if you enjoy getting your hands dirty please get in touch via email


About Lizzie Hughes
Lizzie was born and grew up on Anglesey, studying initially at Coleg Menai, then at The Slade in London. She makes meticulously detailed works that are often produced following long periods of obsessive research. Her approach to collecting and then structuring data has allowed her to remotely explore distant landscapes and briefly enter the private worlds of others.


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