Lost Spaces Social 1 (Copy)Call (Culture Action Llandudno) CIC is a newly formed Social Enterprise, cementing the innovative partnership between Mostyn Estates and Helfa Gelf Cyf.

Our mission is to facilitate the culture and experience-led regeneration of Llandudno, embedding the arts and cultural development in the long term progression and evolution of the town. We are looking not just at economic and functional goals of regeneration, but the sustainable social and cultural dimensions.

“Regeneration is acknowledged to be an investment opportunity for property developers and a means to enhance the functional capabilities of a place. However, a new building or refurbishment of an old one does not itself bring a neighbourhood to life. It is the way they are used, reported and lived in that creates a sense of place and indeed, the way people use and regard the place impacts on its environmental sustainability and economic success. We aim to develop a thriving, popular town. This cannot be done without a vision of its cultural identity and a strategy to include, invite, prompt and engage its inhabitants and visitors from the very start of the process. Culture -led regeneration advocates prioritizing the “experience” of place as the driver for successful place making “. (Garcia 2004)

Developing a long term vision of cultural identity and a strategy to implement it, is central to our aims. We feel the improvement of social and cultural experiences within the town will be pivotal in shaping perceptions of “place”, as well as impacting on its long-term economic and civic prosperity.

Cross sector working was key to the formation of our partnership and is at the heart of our approach to successfully developing our culture-led regeneration agenda.

Our Aim is that the dialogue initiated by us will foster networks of cross-sector working ,facilitating the longevity and sustainability of our mission. We feel this dialogue has particular relevance because of the distinct and divergent approaches our organisations offer: Helfa Gelf is an artist-led not for profit organisation, enabling cultural networks, support and development. Mostyn Estates Ltd is a private sector business which, through its real estate portfolio, is in a unique position to influence the urban planning process.

We see facilitating this dialogue and evolving and fostering its outcomes at the core of our proposed activities.

We passionately believe that by using culture as a common language and by adopting a dialogical and collaborative approach we can have a positive indelible impact on community identity.

Ultimately we want to develop the cultural identity of the town, leading to the longterm sustainability of Llandudno as a place to live, a place to work, a place to visit and a place which advocates cultural evolution.

Our Values

  • Working to make a difference now and to have a long term impact.
  • Inviting, Engaging, and including communities in the regeneration process
  • Collaborating to enable change