Call (Culture Action Llandudno) CIC is a newly formed Social Enterprise, cementing the innovative partnership between Mostyn Estates and Helfa Gelf Cyf.

Our mission is to facilitate the culture and experience-led regeneration of Llandudno, embedding the arts and cultural development in the long term progression and evolution of the town. We are looking not just at economic and functional goals of regeneration, but the sustainable social and cultural dimensions.

Lost Spaces are places within a townscape which are unused or significantly underutilized. They have enormous untapped potential to contribute positively to the unique built environment of Llandudno.

Our vision is to take Llandudno and its “Lost Spaces”, disused /derelict buildings and plots of land and through thought provoking and exciting programming develop discussion which will ultimately lead to them being reimagined and revitalized in a way that benefits all.

The dialogue we intend to create around these “Lost Spaces” will become pivotal to the development of urban planning, the cultural offer, opportunities and engagement within the town.

We see this as an opportunity to do something original and exciting which in the long term could lead to the town becoming a key cultural destination in North Wales, benefiting the local economy and attracting cultural tourism.

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